How Long Can a Grief Last and Ways to Overcome it

By Brandi Shields posted 04-18-2021 18:41


Grief is an intense emotion or a response to loss or regret. It is a feeling that occurs when a person feels the loss. This loss could be anything. It could occur because of the demise of a loved one, a break-up, or regretting any decision that feels life-changing. 

Grieving varies greatly from one person to another. Crying is often taken as a sign of acceptance and moving on. However, the truth is that grief is a very personal feeling. There is no one proven way to deal with grief, nor is there a stipulated time of healing. Here are some ways to overcome grief:

Prepare your mind and make the right decisions 

This is very important in cases where a loved one is sick. You somewhere know that they might leave you. It is never easy, but even a little mental preparation can save you a lot. Swallow the hard pill a bit and make the right decision. You have to prepare for the worst that can happen. That is the passing away of the sick. 

Get a burial insurance policy so that when the hard times come, you have the mind space to be fully in the moment. Read up about the final expense insurance and take help from to get a quote and advice. 

Do not hesitate to take help 

Bottling your feelings and emotions can make it difficult to move on as they are left unaddressed. Reach out to your trusted family and friends and talk your feelings out. It might feel overwhelming at first but in the long run, this is what will get through grief.

If talking to your known people does not seem to help, then join a self-help or support group. These communities help a great deal in overcoming your pain, which reduces by sharing and hearing from other people and their grief. 

Try to keep up your hobbies and passion

It might seem impossible to move on, but the truth is that it can be challenging and tormenting. It won’t stay with you forever. And a great way to try to come out of grief is to try a little each day. Try to do what you enjoy. Dance if you like. Write if it helps, or simply watch movies if you want. 

The idea is to make a conscious effort to seek comfort in what you do. Try to slip back into your normal routine. Get back to work and use it in the best way to distract bad thoughts and feelings. 

Treat your body right 

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Take proper care of your diet and workout or move your body a little. Push yourself for a short workout; eat a well-balanced meal or a run. 

Physical activity releases endorphins that are known to help in reducing the feeling of pain. It is scientifically proven that regular workouts can make you a far healthier person emotionally and physically. 

Do let opinions put you in doubt

Sharing your feelings will also bring a lot of opinions and views. You must understand that this is your journey. You have complete control of the situation. So, how you choose to deal with it is also just your decision. 

Listen to people, accept opinions that make sense to you, and ignore the ones you don’t agree with. Do not put this power of your mind in anyone else’s hands. Healing is a process and you have to take it as it comes and continue to tell yourself that you can and will get through this.