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    I see a lot of these as my partners don't like them. In my experience, most heal secondarily with good wound care. Those that fail require a flap procedure to bring in a thick pad and to get the closure off of the midline. I have found that the cleft ...

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    1) has anyone seen/heard of malignancy Assoc with Kock pouches? ~ haven't heard of it before but 1 reported case in the literature of a spontaneous small bowel adenoca, Though in this case I suspect it's probably secondary to breast See below link ...

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    Hoping to get help. I have an 83yo with a Kock ileostomy (1977, re:UC). More recently, dx T1, N1 breast ca (2018). Surveillance CT (March, June 2021) with progressive, inflammatory mass associated with cranial aspect of pouch, rapidly enlarging over past ...

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