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    Good morning, I'm a Venezuelan colorectal surgeon, I lived and work in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I'm 39 years old, International Fellow of the ASCRS, I'm part of you social media committee, and I need a mentor. I have a Ph.D in LN in rectal cancer after chemorradiation ...

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    I too do resection with suture rectopexy on one lateral stalk. I would do that now. Last I looked, lowest risk of recurrence and constipation was resection and unilateral rectopexy. I do a total posterior mobilization. Dr Gottesman has a good thought ...

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    There is a really good lecture on this on the society's website by Dr. Gurland. Hopefully this link will work. I think one of the take home points from my brief research is that we aren't as successful permanently fixing this as we think we should be. ...

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